The Deacon’s Ministry

Today the most visible role of the deacon is one of service during the divine liturgy, sacraments, or other various sacraments. Deacons and altar servers assist the priest and give directions and commands to the people during worship.

Historically, ordained deacons have played a much greater role in the life of the church. They were not mere altar servers. They ministered to the various needs of the congregation including visited the sick and shut-ins, and teaching the people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deacons and altar servers play a critical role in the liturgical life of the church. They ought to take their duties seriously - but they should also remember that they too should be amongst the congregation from time to time. Giving orders during worship can sometimes be a distraction to one’s own worship life. It is prudent for deacons and altar servers to “take a break” so to speak from liturgical service, on occasion, in order to reap the benefits of being a member of the congregation.