Daily Hours of the Armenian Church There are nine daily services in the Armenian Church although usually only seven are referred to, the three Midday Hours being counted as one. Each of the daily services is addressed to one of the persons of the Holy Trinity, that is either to the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit.

Night Hour
(Keesherayeen Zham) The Night Hour, addressed to God the Father, is performed in the morning prior to sunrise.

Morning Hour (Aravodyan Zham) The Morning Hour, addressed to God the Son, is usually performed between dawn and sunrise, directly after the Night Hour. In many parishes the most essential and closing parts of the Morning Hour are performed on Sunday mornings. It is during this service that the Oil Bearers' and Morning Gospels are read and Glory to God in the Highest (Park Ee Partzouns) is sung.

Sunrise Hour (Arevakalee Zham) The Sunrise Hour, addressed to God the Holy Spirit, should be performed at sunrise. Previously, this service was performed on those days when the Night Service was not performed. It is now traditionally performed only during Lent.

Midday Hours (Jashou Zhamk) There are three Midday Hours belonging to the third, sixth and ninth hours of the day (counting from six A.M.). They are addressed to the three persons of the Holy Trinity in the following order: Holy Spirit, Father and Son.

Evening Hour (Yeregoyan Zham) The Evening Hour, addressed to God the Son, is performed, as the name implies, in the evening but should begin and end before sunset. Like the Morning and Night Hours it is performed each day in Armenian monasteries.

Peace Hour (Khaghaghagan Zham) The Peace Hour is addressed primarily to God the Holy Spirit. It is also addressed to God the Son who descended into Hell and brought peace to the souls that were captive. Like the Sunrise Hour it is performed only during Lent and takes place in the evening.

Rest Hour (Hankusdyan Zham) The Rest Hour, addressed to God the Father, is performed in the late evening and is used particularly on the eves of major feasts and also during Lent.